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The Cause and Treatment of a Vitamin D Deficiency in Michigan

Written By Marshall Family Chiropractic on March 13, 2018

Been feeling tired, lethargic, and depressed? Suffering from unexplained aches and pains, an increased number of infections and colds, and finding that your wounds are taking a long time to heal? 

Then you could be suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. In Michigan, this can be quite common due to lack of sun and the misguided need for sunblock when it does come out. All of these factors prevent your skin from absorbing vitamin D from the sun. 

What else causes vitamin D deficiencies and how can you combat it? 

What is Vitamin D Deficiency? 

Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” due to how the body produces vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the sun. It’s also found naturally in a number of foods, including egg yolks, fish liver oils, some fish, and grain and fortified dairy products. 

Therefore, if you have a strict vegan diet, an allergy to milk, or don’t expose your skin to the sun, you could be at risk of having a vitamin D deficiency. You may also be at risk if you’re elderly, are overweight or obese, always wear sunscreen when you’re outside, don’t live somewhere where there’s year-long sunshine, or have dark skin. 

What Happens if You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency? 

When there isn’t enough vitamin D in your body, this can cause a number of conditions due to the integral roles vitamin D plays in your body. It helps reduce inflammation, support cell growth, promote bone health, and absorb calcium. 

Traditionally, this type of deficiency was associated with rickets (a disease that leads to skeletal deformities and soft bones due to the bone tissues not having proper minerals) but more recently, it’s been found to induce a number of other health problems, too. 

These include severe asthma in children, cognitive impairment, cancer, and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s also been linked to fatigue and muscle weakness. 

Overcoming a Vitamin D Deficiency if You Live in Michigan

Unfortunately, for a majority of the year in Michigan, the sun isn’t strong enough to allow your body to make the amount of vitamin D it needs.

Instead, it’s highly recommended to introduce plenty of natural sources of vitamin D into your diet. 

But relying on your diet alone isn’t enough. You’ll also need to start taking a professional-grade vitamin D supplement to boost the levels in your body. 

Think you’ve got a vitamin D deficiency? Then it’s time to call our team on 810-329-6100 to find out more about our range of industry-leading health supplements. 

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