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Why Choose Chiropractic to Improve Sleep and Insomnia?

Written By Marshall Family Chiropractic on May 14, 2018


It’s something many of us take for granted. 

But when we don’t get enough of it, its effects can start to creep into our day-to-day activities, wreaking havoc on our professional and personal lives. 

Sleeping pills or other medications may be recommended, but there is a natural approach that’s been proven to work – chiropractic. 

Let’s find out why you may need to use chiropractic to improve sleep and how it works.  

Do You Need Help with Your Sleep? 

Insomnia rears its ugly head for a number of different reasons, which often makes it difficult for you to identify the root cause. 

However, it may be onset by added stress, emotional worry, depression or anxiety, certain medications or health conditions, and emotional distress. 

One of the key signs you’re suffering from insomnia is, of course, the inability to fall asleep. You’ll probably find yourself tossing and turning for hours on end, getting more and more agitated as the night goes on and you get desperate for just a few hours’ sleep. 

Alternatively, you may fall asleep alright but wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to go back to sleep. 

Whatever your sleep (or lack of sleep) patterns are, if you are struggling to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, it’s vital you get rid of this insomnia once and for all. 

Using Chiropractic to Improve Sleep Patterns 

When you visit your chiropractor in Saint Clair for help with your sleep, they’ll talk to you about your sleeping patterns and any other factors that may be inducing your insomnia, e.g. stress, diet, or health conditions. 

Once determined, your chiropractor will put together a tailored treatment plan that’s unique to you. 

This will include a number of chiropractic adjustments and other tips that help improve your nervous system by boosting blood flow and getting rid of any subluxations (misalignments) in your spine. 

These subluxations can affect how your brain communicates with other areas of your body by compressing your nerves. This can cause stress responses that unbalance your mind and body, making sleeping a challenge. 

Regular chiropractic care helps eliminate these problems.

How effective is it? 

According to one study, almost 100% of patients notice an improvement in their sleep after visiting their chiropractor. Of the participants, a third also reported an immediate change in their sleep after their chiropractic session. 

Therefore, regular visits to your chiropractor can help improve your sleep and eradicate those symptoms of insomnia. 

Get the good night’s sleep you deserve by calling us today on 810-329-6100.

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