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I have been visiting the chiropractic office for several years, beginning with a lower back incident while raking in the garden. I was in tremendous pain and could not stand or walk straight.
I began chiropractic treatment and stayed with it for months. I did this periodically for a few years, when I stopped I would eventually do some small act that would throw my back into the same pattern. For approximately two years now, I have been visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis.
Recently, while cleaning I bent low to dust a shelf and felt the same feeling, "like I knocked my back out" and thought to myself, "oh oh, here we go again." There was only a slight twinge and I was able to complete my chores. As the day progressed, it subsided and there was no more discomfort. My back went to what is now normal position. I did keep my chiropractic appointment a few days later. This episode has convinced me I am doing the right thing - to keep a routine of visits to chiropractic to keep optimal spinal health.
Mary Paquette

"I had suffered with daily headaches, including migraines at least every 6-8 weeks, for as long as I can remember. I went through a large-size bottle of Excedrin in less than a month! Most mornings, I also woke up with a stiff neck. When my husband had good results with chiropractic, following a neck injury, I decided to give it a try. I was pretty skeptical at first, but Dr. Marshall explained everything until I was comfortable with it. He was extremely gentle, and I began to feel better the same day. Now, with regular adjustments, neck and headache pain are rare and I can't remember the last time I bought a bottle of Excedrin. Thank you, Dr. Marshall!"

Bonnie Barker

I started going to Dr. Marshall over two years ago. At the time I was suffering from chronic migraines along with neck and shoulder pain. Thanks to Dr. Marshall, I no longer suffer from this pain.

When I first visited his office I was very apprehensive, as I had to bring my two young children with me. However, Dr. Marshall has such a great way with children, instantly we all felt comfortable. In fact, my four year old now receives adjustments, which has helped his ear and sinus infections.

Kim Vigneron

I can walk - I work without pain - I sleep well, - my depression has lifted - I'm not tired all the time and I'm going places and doing things with my family which is a joy - instead of something I have to do. Life is sweeter, richer, worth getting up for. I hold Dr. Marshall responsible for that! And, I hope all that he gives comes back many fold.

Thank you Dr. Marshall & staff, they mirror your grace.

Ann Wilson

My son Alexander, now 6, was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a year ago. This is our family's story and I hope it can be of help to others. When Alex was in pre-school at least once a week there was a behavioral problem. Either he was mean and hurt another child or he wouldn't sit or pay attention. My husband and I tried to set guidelines at home and discipline him. But nothing seemed to work. We thought he would 'grow out of it". Alex cold not sit still and he would have very violent outbursts. He was always sorry for what he had done, but seemed to lack all self-control.

When he entered kindergarten his behavior was a BIG issue. His teacher was very kind and helpful with Alex. After speaking with her, my husband decided to have him evaluated. I went to another county hoping through counseling and behavior modification we could help him. I am not in favor of placing a child on medication, especially when I thought this could be addressed in other ways. I feel the community I live in pushes medication in hyperactive children. I didn't want someone to say, "Yes, your son is hyper active here is a medication." So we went to a psychologist who spoke to my husband, Alex, and I. After an hour of talking and observing Alex, the Dr. didn't feel Alex suffered from ADHD, but anxiety. He wanted Alex to be put on a low dose of Paxil. He reassured me it would help and I wanted so much for Alex to do better with school, we said we would try it for a few months and see how he did. Meanwhile, we needed to see the psychologist monthly for a session of play therapy. When he started on the Paxil he did slow down, I do admit it was a nice break, but he always seemed off in the distance. His eyes had no sparkle. The medication did help with the activity, but now I have a 'high' 5 year old. We continued for a few months, each time we would go the dosage would get increased slightly. Then the controversy on children and Paxil came out. We couldn't just take him off; we had to wean him off. The next few weeks were awful - he had to detox from the medication. Then we were right where we started.

Our family Dr. recommended another psychiatrist. He does a five-hour, observation, written, and one on one evaluation. So my husband and I took Alex there for testing. Alex answered questions and was evaluated while my husband and I each took a test asking about Alexander's behavior. When we were all finished the Dr. told us judging by our answers and his evaluation, Alex was indeed ADHD. My husband and I were satisfied with the diagnosis but reluctant to put him on any more medication. We ended up placing him on Concerta. Things were good again, but he still seemed distant. I was happy with the behavior change, but wanted his sparkling blue eyes back. Then we would notice him drifting back to the old behavior so we would have to increase medication. This went on three more times. I thought, what do we do when we get to the maximum dosage? I prayed we would find another alternative. Alex was doing better in school; we thought that was very important, so we kept increasing the medication. He had started first grade and was doing very well.

In October of Alexander's first grade year, I started to see Dr. Marshall. I was glancing in a book he had in his waiting room. One of the stories had to do with and ADHD child and how he was helped with Chiropractic treatment. I asked Dr. Marshall about Alex, and he said he couldn't wait to treat Alex and knew he could help him. I went home more excited and apprehensive at the same time. I talked to my husband who thought I was nuts. I think in trying to convince him and I ended up convincing myself it would work. Alex went in for his evaluation and had a Subluxation in his C1 and C2 vertebrae. I was asked about any trauma Alex may have had, but I couldn't think of any off hand. Just the typical lumps and bumps of a 6 year old. My husband and I decided to take Alexander off the Concerta when he started treatment with Dr. Marshall. We thought we would be able to see results better without the influence of medication. After three treatments we noticed a difference in Alex. We didn't tell anyone about his Chiropractic treatment. We wanted to see if family and friends would notice a difference. The holidays came and everyone complimented Alex on his politeness, caring, and loving attitude. At school Alex was doing well. People at church have come up and complimented us about Alex. He is a normal active sparkling blue-eyed boy. The violent outbursts have stopped; he listens, and follows directions. I can't believe the difference in him. I am so thankful he can be treated without medication and there side affects. Medication did treat the problem but also took away the real Alex. Alex looks forward to his visits with Dr. Marshall. Alex himself is much happier; he was so frustrated with the way he was acting. And is glad not to be tired all the time form the medicine.

After Alexander's treatment began my husband and I started talking about when the problems started with Alex. We noticed them at about three years of age. Then we started to think about any accidents he may have had. Once day when Alex was almost three he went to slide down the slide. His older brother and a friend had tied a rope on the slide so they could play mountain climber. My husband was outside with Alex; however, he was on the back of the slide and didn't see the rope. Alex went up the slide but didn't come down. When my husband came immediately around the front of the slide. Alex had wrapped the rope around his neck and slid down. My husband had to him down and Alex seemed fine. Alex didn't complain of any pain or problems. Dr. Marshall, my husband, and I feel this is when the trauma to his neck happened. And his behavioral problems started shortly after. When I told my family Dr. we had taken Alex off the medication he was very supportive and he too commented on the difference in Alex. My family stands behind Chiropractic Care 100%. When I first talked with Dr. Marshall, I honestly didn't think it would work. We are so blown away by Alexander's improvement I wish we had known about it sooner. To all the parents of an ADHD child you owe it to them to try all areas of care. It doesn't make sense to put a child on a stimulant medication and keep increasing the dosages as they grow. Just try Chiropractic Care, even if your skeptical like I was. I know you and your child will appreciate the results. Dr. Marshall a father of 2 (soon to be three) is remarkable with children. Because he loves kids it shows in how he treats them. He wants nothing more than to make a healthy difference in a child's life. We appreciate his enthusiasm, commitment and passion for what he does.

Paul, Jennifer, Ethan, Alexander, and Anelise Merchant