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3 Great Benefits of Rock Tape

Rock tape is a specific brand of kinesio tape (KT-tape) that we love here at Marshall Family Chiropractic in Saint Clair. Rock Tape goes above and beyond the KT-tape standards to provide a stickier, stretchier athletic tape that’s also hypoallergenic and water resistant.

KT-taping is proven to be so much better than the traditional mummification of joints and sections of body needing a little extra support and protection. The three great benefits of Rock Tape are:

  1. Pain reduction
  2. Helps reduce swelling and bruising
  3. Provides support without hindering full range of motion

Rock Tape and Pain Reduction

Rock tape helps reduce pain by decompression. When applied correctly, RockTape’s unique elasticity gently lifts skin from the tissue below. This allows your lymphatic system to flow unhindered, thus reducing swelling and pressure. It also improves the slide and glide between tissue layers and reduces pain.

Rock Tape can be used on every joint, including your knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, etc. It has the unique ability to support muscle and soft tissue around joints while providing extra sensory feedback and allowing full range of motion. In other words: your body notices there’s something stuck to your skin and gently tugging on it. Your body responds by paying extra attention to that area while benefiting from improved circulation.

Rock Tape & Swelling and Bruising Reduction

Swelling happens when your inflammatory response has been triggered. Injury triggers swelling because the body signals for fluid and white blood cells to rush to the site. It’s designed to protect you from further injury and tell your body to start the healing process.

It’s a fine balance between normal swelling and too much of it. The latter tends to stretch tissue and stagnate the healing process. All that extra fluid creates a traffic jam. Rock Tape’s gentle lifting allows your lymphatic system to do its thing and reduce swelling.

As far as bruising goes, all those lovely colors are from blood getting trapped under your skin. While your skin isn’t cut, you’re bleeding underneath due to burst capillaries. Rock Tape enables your body to flush out the excess blood.

Rock Tape and Mobile Support in Michigan

Perhaps the most dramatic difference between old taping techniques and KT-taping is for the latter to allow full range of motion, which is critical. Hampering movement tends to have a cascade effect. For example, if you limp due to a strained ankle, this can turn into knee issues as your body redistributes balance to make up for the limp.

Purposely taping something up to prevent motion is one thing. Taping something up and trying to move normally can negatively affect you like a limp. Rock Tape provides support to the point of helping your joints stay in alignment while allowing you to move freely. This can help prevent further injury.

Get Rock Taped Up at Marshall Family Chiropractic

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